Book Cover: Dirt Dirt
by Jo McDougall

Autumn House Press, 2001. 
Paperback, $14.95. 
ISBN: 0-9669419-3-4.  

Available in Little Rock at Lorenzan's and Wordsworth's Bookstores.

McDougall gives voice to the ineffable emotions of plain people.  And in the undiluted glare of the genuine, the land and its people are redeemed, if not wholly forgiven.
- Judith Kitchen
The Georgia Review

McDougall's...reach is expansive, comprehensive...beautiful, witty, and unlike anyone else's.
- Kelly Cherry
The Hollins Critic

The prevalent tone of calm anxiety creates a distinctive voice that is recognizable as American small town, and McDougall's images are often remarkable in their strength and truth.
- The Virginia Quarterly Review

One of the most winning things about what Jo McDougall makes is how marvelously they pretend not to be poems.  Ah, but they are!
- Miller Williams