This is an image of David StoddardDavid Stoddard teaches digital art and design at Henderson State University. He holds a BFA degree from Indiana University School of Fine Arts, and an MFA degree from the Memphis College of Art in Computer. David has been a commercial, university, and freelance graphic designer for over 14 years. He produces and teaches web design, multimedia design, and computer-based 3D animation. David also creates "wall art" (things not in virtual space) and currently has several pieces in the HSU Faculty Art Show.

"I create texture studies based on theoretical science or technical drawings using hidden lines of force, the paths drawn by quantum particle tracers from atom smashing, perhaps even a da Vinci drawing of a wing design. I apply lines these to virtual objects in computer-generated environmental spaces. I use virtual lighting to illuminate the objects and take virtual photographs of the resultant compositions. I end up with figurative abstracts which sometimes lead to animated pieces encompassing both motion and sound with themes reflecting my predilection to mingle science and religion."