Becky McLaughlin was born in North Carolina but spent many of the formidable adolescent and teenage years in southeastern Arkansas.  She now lives on the Gulf Coast, where she is an assistant professor of English at the University of South Alabama.  She considers herself a literary-jack-of-all-trades, teaching courses on everything from Chaucer to post-colonialism and from the Antinomian Controversy to Yukio Mishima.  Her work—a hodgepodge of articles, memoirs, and fiction—has appeared in books such as Jane Sexes It Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire and Nuclear Age Literature for Youth: The Search for a Life-Affirming Ethic, and in journals such as ANaMORPHOSIS, Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies, Journal of Imagism, Restoration and 18th Century Theatre Research, Style, and Westview: A Journal of Western Oklahoma.  Her latest publication, Everyday Theory, a critical theory textbook co-edited with Bob Coleman, has just been released by Pearson/Longman.  She is currently working on a novella called The Left Ear of Pain.