LYNN STRONGIN (b NYC 1939) grew up in the Northeast and parts of the rural south where her daddy, an Army psychologist, was stationed. Early studies in musical composition branched out into work in poetry. She worked for Denise Levertov in the political ferment of Berkeley. Began publishing in anthologies, gave peace readings. In 1979, she moved to British Columbia Canada but her home has remained intrinsically American, as are the tongues she studies in her fiction and poetry. Twelve published books (including one anthology The Sorrow Psalms: A Book of Twentieth Century Elegy) and three electronic chapbooks. Work in thirty anthologies, fifty-five journals. Her memoir chapter from INDIGO was recently nominated by StorySouth for Pushcart Award. Fiction just taken by The Dublin Quarterly. Two PEN grants, one NEA creative writing grant.  Her newest collection of poetry, Short Visiting Hours for Children (or Rembrandt's Smock), is forthcoming from Plain View Press in Austin, Texas.  Also, her chapbook, The Birds of the Past are Singing, is forthcoming by Cross-cultural Communications (Merrick, New York).