Lynn Strongin

Piano / Memory
Memory: Press one black,
then a white
key. The mute pedal. Pianissimo, dove-quietly.               

The Picayune
set aside
on the old piano bench.
At the piano, in sapling days, when the Holocaust raged
in Europe,
I wrote my first melodies by the gooseneck lamps greenish blaze.
It was autumn Always. Always. Ebony
Dominoes        stars burning hotly.
on stove
as wet wool does.
Riding a hansom thru the park long long ago, a walking girl:
the one on crutches, the earth in Europe still smoldering ashes, the little horse
kicked at
traces of crystal
transparent freeze. Before Polio: the Memoir of my 2nd child began:
Traces so icicled:  Softly press piano key:  mute pedal shifting it to Destiny.





Uranium Miners
(Terry Wright)