Evening City

The symphony
of the evening city
rolls across embracing
darkened environs.
The drone of train.
The whoosh of traffic
running on a valley highway.
The jets are slow
to converge upon the airport
lying to the northeast
in the center of it all.
Limits become map things
to the clustering communities
growing into each other with a mix
of reluctance to weaken identity
and determination to strengthen it.
Drivers hidden in their cars,
over-the-road operators
pass houses, commercial entities,
pedestrians in the business district,
servers in the basements of churches,
"The Crowd" hidden in the bowels
of the entertainment district.
From the lumping, spiked environs
similitude of muted bassoons, horns stir
in the orchestra pit, concealed
by a roller-coaster audience under
the drooping eyes of a starry night.





by Gary Simmons