A Golden Spanish Charm

Your silhouette in the sunlight
through a pale yellow dress, and
the warm rain that covered our hair
when we shared an umbrella. 
Our lips met for the first time after
that conversation with Luisa. 
The shades were closed but
your drapes were opened and unfurled. 
Lying for hours without a single word. 
Searching each other and discovering
so much that we could not believe
and did not understand.  My hands saw every
inch of your body.  My skin tasted
your follicles.  The aroma of your
pheromones clung to me for
months and never faded.  Never will
fade.    I want to live that day forever
with you walking through our fields
of red and green flowers.  Anxiously
awaiting the first visit, desperately
wanting the first kiss.  Curing our
starvation with our eager skin.    




Jill Hat
by Richard Stephens