Christy Ward


Scene 8

(Lights up on SL. Ann and Scott are on the couch. Scott is reading a book.)

ANN: God I'm bored. 

SCOTT: Don't be. 

ANN: Let's go do something. 

SCOTT: I'm reading. 

ANN: We could play pool.  Ooh, I know. Let's get some wine and go to the lake. 

SCOTT: I'm not bored. I'm reading, you go to the lake. 

ANN: Come on. 

SCOTT: I said no. 

ANN: It'll be fun. 

SCOTT: Jesus fucking Christ. I don't want to go. But I do think you need to go. 

ANN: What the fuck's this shit about? 

SCOTT: I just think you need to leave now. 

ANN: You're fucking insane. 

SCOTT: I said leave. 

(Black out as Ann exits.)


 Scene 9