Christy Ward


Scene 6

(Lights up on SL. Ann and Scott enter. They're drunk.)


ANN: (In a singsong voice.) I am the winner. I kicked your ass. I am a winner. You are a loser. 

SCOTT: Jesus, would you shut up. 

ANN: I don't have to, because I am the winner. Pool sharks can say whatever they want. 

SCOTT: You're really annoying the fuck out of me. 

ANN: Oh my, has your fragile male ego been wounded? 


ANN: Does it pain you heart to relive the fact that your girl friend, a girl I might add, totally kicked your ass, loser. 

SCOTT: No, it pains my heart that my girl friend, a drunk bitch I might add, is  fucking disgusting. 

ANN: What? 

SCOTT: You were making me sick tonight. Shoving your tits in everybody's face. You thought you were really cute tonight, didn't you? Well, you looked like a fucking slut. 

ANN: You're jealous  'cause those guys were flirting with me. 

SCOTT: Jealous? Who are you kidding, I was embarrassed. 

ANN: Fuck you! I don't have to take this shit. (She starts gathering her things.) 

SCOTT: What? You going back to that bar to be with some men who can appreciate you? 

ANN: Maybe I'm just gonna look for someone who's not intimidated by me. 

SCOTT: Yeah, a girl getting gang-banged isn't very intimidating. 

ANN: What the hell's that supposed to mean? 

SCOTT: It means, that's what you'd be doing right now, if I hadn't been there. 

ANN: Oh my god.  Get real. (She starts walking out the door.) 

SCOTT: Go on then.  Give me a call tomorrow and tell me how your little party went. 

ANN: You're an idiot.  

(She exits. Scott stands there for a moment, then chases after her.)


(Black out)


 Scene 7