Christy Ward


Scene 3

(Lights up on SR half of stage. Ann and Scott enter.)

SCOTT: The car sounded funny.  I think I need to change that air filter. It runs a lot better since I worked on the choke though.

 ANN: It doesn't matter, because your little car can't help you now.  You are in my lair and shall be my love slave. 

SCOTT: Never! 

(A tussle insues. Scott wins.)

ANN: Unfair! 

SCOTT: How? 

ANN: I'm supposed to win. 

SCOTT: Want a rematch? 

ANN: Yes. And this time I'm going to kick your ass. 

SCOTT: Well, let's do it right then. 

ANN: What do you mean "let's do it right"? 

SCOTT: In proper wrestling style.  Okay, get on your hands and knees. 

ANN: I smell a double cross. 

SCOTT: No,no,no. Come on.  Then I get like this. 

ANN: You are trying to have sex with me.

SCOTT: This is an official wrestling starting position. 

ANN: Well that's not what we called it where I went to school. 

SCOTT: Do you want a rematch, or do you forfeit? 

ANN: I'm no quitter. But I still think you're just trying to cop a feel. 

SCOTT: Look, are you ready? Okay, on the count of three. One. Two. Three. 

(He instantly has her pinned.)

ANN: You suck. 

SCOTT: No. I win.  (He kisses her.) 

(Black out)


 Scene 4