Christy Ward


Scene 26

(Lights up on SL.  Ann and Scott are lying together on the couch.)

SCOTT:  Listen I've been thinking about moving to another town. 

ANN:  You have? 

SCOTT:  Yeah.  I was thinking it would be nice to have you along. 

ANN:  Really. 

SCOTT:  Yeah.  What do you think? 

ANN:  Where? 

SCOTT:  I don't know.  We'd have to decide. 

ANN:  I like driving.  Maybe we could just drive? 

SCOTT:  Maybe Alaska.  I hear they have some really good pot up there. 

ANN:  Or Arizona.  We could buy a trailer and live in the desert. 

SCOTT:  New Orleans. 

ANN:  You'd be drunk all of the time. 

SCOTT:  You got a problem with that? 

ANN:  Not Dallas. 

SCOTT:  No, no.  Mexico. 

ANN:  Old Mexico?  We could buy a bar and live on the beach. 

SCOTT:  You'd be drunk all the time. 

ANN:  You got a problem with that? 

SCOTT:  I just feel like we ought to be doing something. 

ANN:  Yeah, me too. (Pause) If you want me to move somewhere with you, does that mean you love me? 

(Black out)


 Scene 27