Christy Ward


Scene 24

(Lights up on SL. Ann and Scott enter. They're wasted.)

ANN: I'm gonna be sick. Oh my God. (She exits to the bathroom.) 

SCOTT: Ah, no. (He goes to follow.) 

ANN: (Off stage.) Get outta here. 

SCOTT: Just trying to help. (He crosses to the couch.) Just trying to help. 

ANN: (Off stage.) I don't need any help. 

SCOTT: Whatever. (He begins singing to himself. He switches songs every time he hears Ann puke.) It's a grand old flag.  It's a high flying flag, and forever… (Ann pukes.) Yankee Doodle went to town riding on his pony.  Stuck a feather in his cap and… (Ann pukes.)  Oh beautiful for gracious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty along the fruited… (Ann pukes.) My God. My country tis of thee sweet land of Liberty…

(Ann enters.)

ANN: You have to take me to the hospital. 

SCOTT: What are you talking about? 

ANN: Please take me to the hospital.  I'm having a heart attack. 

SCOTT: Oh God. 

(The next lines come very quickly and overlap.)

ANN: My heart is beating too fast.  It's gonna explode.  I'm gonna die. 

SCOTT: No, you're fine. 

ANN: No.  You've got to take me to the hospital. 

SCOTT: You're fine. 

ANN: You gotta take me to the hospital.  I need to go to the hospital. 

SCOTT: You're fine.  You're fine. (He slams her down into a chair.) I said you're fine! 


ANN: That hurt. 


SCOTT: I'm gonna get a washcloth. 

(As he exits he stumbles and falls.  She doesn't react.  She is completely focused on breathing.  When he reenters he has a washcloth and a bowl of water.  Every move he makes takes an effort of concentration, and is very precise.  He sets the bowl and cloth on the floor.  He moves Ann to the couch.  He puts the cloth in the water. He rings it out and folds it up.  He moves to her and puts it on the back of her neck.)

SCOTT: How do you feel? 

ANN:  I'm hot.  My heart is beating too fast. 

SCOTT:  This will make you feel a whole lot better. 

(Long pause.)

ANN:  You won't let me die? 

SCOTT:  No.  I'm gonna watch you all night.  We can talk about anything you want to talk about. 

(Long pause)

ANN:  If I have a heart attack, don't shove me out of the car at the hospital. 

SCOTT:  You're not going to have a heart attack.  I promise. (Referring to the washcloth)  How does this feel? 

ANN:  Good.  (Long pause)  Do you hate all of our friends? 

SCOTT:  What? 


ANN:  I could barely stand being around them tonight.  Do you ever get that feeling? 

SCOTT:  I guess. 


ANN:  Stephanie was doing her punk rock, ice queen shit again.  It is so fucked. 

SCOTT:  Yeah. 

ANN:  Do guys think that's sexy?  Are they supposed to be impressed by that? 

(Black out.)


 Scene 25