Christy Ward


Scene 23

(Lights up. Ann is sitting, rocking on the couch. As Sub Ann does her monologue, Scott enters.  He's bringing home the drugs.)

SUB ANN: Where the fuck am I?  Hello!  Hello?  I gotta get out of here.  Where is everybody?  Hello?  I really hate being alone like this.  (Pause. Scott enters.) Somebody had to have put me here.  You don't wind up in a place like this on your own, do you?  (Scott and Ann snort some lines. Sub Ann is becoming terrified.) Oh my God. Mamma?  (Pause.) Mamma!  Mamma!  Help!  (Pause.)  How did this happen?  I thought I knew where I was. (Scott unzips his pants and puts Ann's head in his lap.  She gives him a blowjob.)  Where is everybody? (Yelling at nothing.) I hate you!  I'm not afraid!  Not of this place.  Not of not of Alone. (She starts laughing.) It's not scary, just boring.  Boring. Boring. Boring.  If you peal enough away you will see there's nothing there. Just nothing.  Not even air.  We come from nothing and return to nothing. (Scott comes.  Ann sits up, spits, and wipes her mouth.)  You dig deep enough and you'll find the definition of boring.

(Black out.)

 Scene 24