Christy Ward


Scene 21

(Lights up. Sub Ann is discreetly painting a picture. Scott is rubbing Ann's shoulders.)

SCOTT: How does that feel? 

ANN: Great. 

(He kisses her hair.)

ANN: Thank you. 

SCOTT: You don't have to thank me for kissing you. 

ANN: I was thanking you for the massage. 

SCOTT: Oh, okay. 

ANN: I had a dream about you last night. 

SCOTT: How was I? 

ANN: Not that kind of a dream. 

SCOTT: Well, I guess you can tell it to me anyway. 

ANN: It was really disturbing.  We went to this baseball stadium for some reason, and it was really busy.  And this total Aryan looking South African guy comes up, and says he's my cousin, and I need to go with him to be with my family.  And we're both "get away from us." And stuff like that.  And there are all these retarded guys in red baseball caps everywhere. 

SCOTT: Your dreams are so fucking weird. 

ANN: Shut up.  So anyway, you go into this antique store. 

SCOTT: In the baseball stadium. 

ANN: Yeah.  But before I can go in there, this big Plexiglas door thing comes down.  And you are cracking up 'cause you're in there with all this really great old stuff.  But I started getting really scared and I'm banging on the glass, telling you to get out of there.  And then you're sitting in this chair just staring into space, like you're comatose or something.  So I try to break this door thing down and I'm trying to pull it up and stuff and these kittens keep getting in the way.  And suddenly I realize my palms are, like, split open and my bones are going to fall out. 

SCOTT: Baby you are so weird. 

ANN: Shut up.  Anyway, I'm going to yell in at you that I'm going to find a doctor, 'cause my bones are falling out.  And you're not there anymore.  So I go to where the seats and field are, and it's pouring down rain.  The only people that are there are those retard guys and Ann Murray.  And she's singing "MacArthur Park".  And I wake up.  So what do you think all that means? 

SCOTT: You have penis envy. 

ANN: Come on, I'm serious. 

SCOTT: Well, seriously, I think it means… you ain't been getting enough of the good stuff. 

(Lights out on SL.)

SUB ANN: (Holding up her painting.) Look Ma, art. 

(Black out.)


 Scene 22