Christy Ward


Scene 2

(When the lights come up, the table and chair are gone. Sub Ann is on her platform. Ann is Center.)

ANN: I have a boyfriend.

SUB ANN: Well, sort of. 

(Scott enters with his guitar. He is oblivious to Ann. It's as if he's a display piece.)

ANN: I mean he's sort of real. What I'm trying to say is, I probably have more conversations without him actually being there than I do with him in the flesh. 

SUB ANN: Unhealthy, but I enjoy myself. 

ANN: I know win I more arguments without him around.  I'm pretty sure I love him.  And I'm definitely in love with him. 

SUB ANN: Right now. 

ANN: And I think I'm probably, pretty much sure I also love him. Pretty much sure of  that. 

SUB ANN: I think. 

ANN: There seems to be a commitment problem. 

SUB ANN: On both sides. 

ANN: Anyway, sometimes he's great. 

SCOTT: Let's buy a twelve pack and cut each other's hair. 

SUB ANN: Irresistible. 

ANN: Sometimes he's not. 

SCOTT: I've got plans with someone else.

ANN: He's awful cute though. 

(Black out)


 Scene 3