Christy Ward


Scene 19

(Lights us SL. Scott is sitting in the chair. He has his guitar. He's strumming, trying to write a song.)

 SCOTT: Well, she's pretty. Ugh, no. Okay. (He strums some more.) She always knows where she's goin'. She always knows where she's been. 'Cause she's pretty. Aaaahh. Just put it down. (He puts down his guitar and moves to the couch. He is horrified by what he's done.) 

(Ann enters.)

ANN: Don't go outside today, everyone is horrible. Why don't you write a song about me and how pretty I am? Hey can I paint your nails? 

SCOTT: Baby you can do anything you want. 

(He starts to lay her down and kiss her. Black out.)

 Scene 20