Christy Ward


Scene 18

(Lights up SR. Sub Ann is sitting.)

SUB ANN: What's the use
Is there a point to all this
Who cares
Whatever melts you butter
Whatever flips your switch
Whatever turns you on
Tune in
Turn on
Drop out
Drop the ball
Throw in the towel
Cut your losses
Loss of drive
Drive by blood tattoo
Paralyzed with indecision
Paralyzed with fear
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Fear of flying
Fly be night
Night sweats
Sweating bullets
Tooth and nail
By the skin of our teeth
Skin and bones
Bare bones operation
Smooth operator
Operator can you help me place this call
Calling all cars
Call of the wild
A real wild child
Children are the future
Future shock
Shock value
If you value your job
Blow job
Well blow me down
Down in the mouth
Mouth off
Off with her head
Use your head
What's the use? 

(Black out.)


 Scene 19