Christy Ward


Scene 17

(Lights up on SL. Ann is on the couch. Scott enters. This scene is also removed from the play's reality.)

SCOTT: Well, the government's done it again. 

ANN: What? 

SCOTT: Something terrible, repressive, and ultimately deadly. 

ANN: Oh no, not again. (She flops back wearily.) 

SCOTT: Yes, again. 

ANN: I suppose we're supposed to do something about it. 

SCOTT: Of course!  There are signs to be made, rallies to be attended, groups to be financially supported and benefit concerts to be danced at. 

ANN: Oh my God. (She flops even more.) 

SCOTT: Where's that super fat marker? (He stands to look for the marker. He notices his exhausted friend. He does a double take and then flops down with her.) 

ANN: There's a special "Bloopers from the "70's" show on TV tonight.  

SCOTT:  But what about the phone campaign and envelope licking party? 

ANN: This activism has become tedious.  My side never wins and even when it does, they make it seem like a loss.  It's just useless, exhausting and boring. 

SCOTT: But… 

ANN: But, what? 

SCOTT: But we have a responsibility to our political system, to humanity, to our conscience. 


ANN: That's a tough one. (Pause.) Okay. I know.  The deal is; I'm trying to work on my soul and right now.  And it's the whole thing of: My only action is one of non-action.  And I think maybe I have a little bit of a fever. (Scott feels his own forehead.) "The Dukes of Hazzard" will be on that show tonight. 

SCOTT: Do I feel warm to you? 

(Black out.)


 Scene 18