Christy Ward


Scene 16

(Lights up SR. This monologue is a sermon.) 

SUB ANN: When Jesus' life went to shit, no one would stay up with him.  Who could blame him for having a case of insomnia.  But come on, when people are tired they've got to sleep.  And trying to wake a person up in the middle of the night to "talk"? Forget it.  Insomnia: the Curse of the Divine.  Alone in the night.  Divine Curse.  Awake all night.  It's amazing how many people want to be awake all night.  What they'll do You become indestructible in the night.  The night belongs to no one.  You don't have to answer to anybody.  You're free.  Give me another little line of the Divine Curse.  I wanna be up all night, in a room full of lonely messiahs.  Thank you very much.

(Black out)

 Scene 17