Christy Ward


Scene 15

 (Lights up on SL. Ann is sitting on the couch in the same pose Sub Ann finished in. This scene is not in the reality of the play. The characters are now in the Roaring '20s. Scott enters with two cocktails.)

ANN: Oh Scott, my Scotty.  What a dear you are. 

(They toast each other and drink.)

SCOTT: If only this gin where your bath water. 


ANN: Oh you are a rascal. 


SCOTT: Ah my Ann. (Hears a ukulele in the distance.) Do you hear that Darling? 

ANN: Oh I do.  Scott let's rejoin the party.  I've had enough air. 

SCOTT: Well… 

(She sits fetchingly in his lap.)

ANN: Scotty. (Whispers.) Let's go mad tonight. 

(Jazz plays loudly and they dance frantically for a moment. It ends in an embrace.)

SCOTT: Let's go mad for the rest of our lives. 

ANN: Oh you are a rascal. 

SCOTT: Darling, I'm serious.  Let's book passage aboard the Queen Victoria tonight.  We'll go to Paris. 

ANN: And what would we do? 

SCOTT: Travel on to Vienna. 

ANN: And once there? 

SCOTT: Onward to Berlin. 

ANN: But Scott, what would we be doing during our travels. 

SCOTT: Well, I had planned on sipping wine from your beautiful belly. 

ANN: Oh my, I think we have gone mad. 

SCOTT: You'll go? 

(Ann nods yes. The jazz plays again as they exit. Black out.)

 Scene 16