Christy Ward


Scene 14

 (Lights up on Sub Ann.)

SUB ANN: Guess what?  My life is a movie.  When I go to the store I there's a camera.  When I go to a party there's a camera.  When I'm at the scene of the crime, there is a camera.  When I walk down the street, way, way, up in the sky, looking like a star, laughing at gravity, sits a camera.  I can live my life and replay it instantly. (As a wife character.) Gee honey, our life seems a little dull.  Let's watch some parts that were more exciting.  Hey I know! We can watch that party we had for your uncle.  The one where Billy threw up Kool-Aid and you grandma's pants fell down. (As a hubby.) Honey that sounds great, but remember America's Funniest Home Videos comes on at eight. (As herself) What a relief I only have to amuse myself for half of my life.  The other half I can spend watching how amusing it's been.  I've got to start taking a little more pride in my personal appearance, because I am a movie star.

 (Black out)

 Scene 15