Christy Ward


Scene 13

(Lights up on SL. Scott is sitting in the chair. Ann enters and sits on the couch. She doesn't look at him.)

 SCOTT: Listen, I've been thinking. (He moves to her.) I know this has been … If you want we can … 

ANN: I'm not pregnant. 

SCOTT: What? I thought the test said… 

ANN: Well it was wrong. 

SCOTT: Okay. Well. I guess that sort of solves everything, huh? 

ANN: Yeah. I guess. 


SCOTT: How about I take you to dinner?

ANN: I don't feel like it. 

SCOTT: Come here. (He pulls her to him. He quietly begins singing.) I'm going fishing all of the time. And my baby's going fishing too. With my line and my pole. I'm gonna catch more fish than you.  Many fish bite when you got good bait. But here's a little something that I'd like to relate. I'm a-going fishing. Yes I'm going fishing, And my baby's going fishing too. 

(Lights fade to black as he sings.) 



 Scene 14