Christy Ward


Scene 11

(Lights up on SR. Ann and Scott are on stage. They have a slow motion fist fight through the scene.)

SCOTT: Hey, do you want to see a movie tonight? 

ANN: Sounds good. 

SCOTT: Late show or early? 

ANN: Oh, you mean go to the theater? 

SCOTT: Well yeah. 

ANN: Oh. 

SCOTT: I thought we could to see that comedy. 

ANN: I guess. 

SCOTT: You don't want to go? 

ANN: I just thought you meant rent one.  I'd rather just rent a movie.  Order in.  You know? 

SCOTT: We do that all the time. 

ANN: We don't rent porn all the time. 

SCOTT: What? 

ANN: I said, we don't rent porn all the time. 

SCOTT: You want to rent a porno movie?  

ANN: Yeah.  Do you think I'm weird? 

SCOTT: You want to watch people have sex, and then have sex ourselves? 

ANN: Well, I thought it would all sort of go on at the same time.  Am I really weird? 

SCOTT: Aw baby, who cares.  You're the woman of my dreams. 

(Black out)


 Scene 12